Two Seater Sofa – 2 Process


Making of Two Seater Sofa-II

Material Required

1. Solid bamboo
2. Hollow bamboo 3-4 inch diametre
3. PU foam
4. Rexin or upholstery fabric
5. Metal wire 22 gauge
Tools/Machines Required
1. General workshop tools.

Making Process

1. Cut the solid bamboo in required length and straighten it by heating and and pressing on the bending stand (4 pieces).
2. Bend the 4 pieces of solid bamboo in the form of an arc as shown in Fig. 02 for the base structure.

3. After cleaning with knife and sand paper join the two arcs together and fix them with adhesive and bamboo pins.
4. Connect these two arch members by 4 cross members as shown in the Fig. 04, two in the side and two in the middle.

5. From the side member fix two vertical member and connect to the arm rest support. From the end of the arm rest support connect two vertical member to the arc.
6. Make a back rest support by joining two straight bamboo and attach to the arm rest. From center of the back rest support connect two vertical member in the middle back side arc.
7. Split the hollow bamboo into 25-30 mm wide and 6 mm thickness and bend it for the seat structure as shown in Fig. 02.
8. Connect seat members to the prepared structure as shown in Fig. 04 and tie with the metal wire.
9. Prepare the upholstery for seat, back and arm rest as shown in and Fig. 05 and Fig. 06.

10. Do melamine finish on before fixing upholstery.