Tea Tray Process Details



Making of Tea Tray

Material Required

1. Hollow bamboo 8-10 cm diametre, preferably semi dried.

Tools/Machines Required

1. General workshop tools as shown in the introduction.

Making Process

1. Make bamboo splits of 32 cm x 2.5 cm x 5 cm as required as shown in the drawing.

2. Make 2 handle bar as shown in the Fig. 03 from a round bamboo. Make 2 slits on the both side of handle.

3. Assemble the base as shown in the Fig. 04 with longer splis on both sides.

4. Attach the handle to the longer splits as Fig. 05.

5. Attach the side bar on both side of the tray, connnecting the handle and the base as shown in the Fig. 07. (use super glue for initially to stick and then apply araldite)

6. Sand the surfaces of the components by using sand paper.
7. Finish with melamine coating on the surface of the tea tray by using brush or spray.