Single Seater Sofa – I Process Details


Making of Single Seater Sofa-I

Material Required

1. Hollow bamboo 3-4 inch diametre
2. Upholstery cloth as required
3. Bamboo or plywood for seat and back rest support
4. PU foam for seat and back cushion.
5. Bolt and screws as required

Tools/Machines Required

1. General workshop tools as shown in the introduction.

Making Process

1. Make one component of back rest as shown in the Fig. 03 and refer dimension given in Fig. 02.

2. Make one component of front leg as shown in Fig. 04 and refer the dimension given in the Fig. 02.

3. Make one component of seat and arm rest component as shown in Fig. 05 and refer the dimension given in the Fig. 02.

4. Assemble the frame as shown in Fig. 06.
(before final assembly apply melamine finish)

Making of Upholstery

Making Process

1. Cut the plywood to the required size for seat and back rest.
2. Drill 4 holes on the plywood matching to the frame and fix the cushion to structure.
3. Cut the PU foam to plywood size and stick to it by using rubber solution. Place the bold on the plywood before sticking the foam on top of it as shown in Fig. 07.
4. Cut the front and back upholstery cloth as shown in the Fig. 07.

5. Assemble all these by stitching the fabric on the cusion as shown in the Fig. 08

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