Lamp Shade – 2 Process


Making of Lamp Shade-II


Material Required

1. Hollow bamboo 10-12 cm diametre,
preferably semi dried.
2. Wooden piece for making the base for the lamp shade-II.

Tools/Machines Required
1. General workshop tools.

Making Process

1. Make a wooden base of 12 cm diametre for lamp shade base.
2. Drill hole on the top surface of the base with the gap of 2 cm in between.
3. Make the bamboo split of 1.5 cm x 3 mm and of 60 cm length to make ribs.
4. Bend the splits as shown in the Fig. 02.

5. Make 2 rings as shown in Fig. 03.

6. Attach ribs to the base using super glue.
7. Attach rings on ribs as shown in the Fig. 03.
8. Sand the surfaces of the components by using sand paper for the finish.
9. Finish with melamine coating on the surface of the lamp shade by using brush or spray.
10. Fix tracing paper on the ribs as shown in Fig. 04 with any surface decoration on it.