Jewellery Box Process


Making of Jewellery Box

Material Required

1. Handloom woven thin bamboo mat
2. Cotton fabric
3. Card board
4. Adhesive

Tools/Machines Required

1. General workshop tools.

Making Process

1. Make a cylinder using card board as dimension shown in Fig. 03.

2. Cut the card board in a circle shape and paste it at the bottom of the cylinder. Paste fabric piece along the under the base.
3. Paste the bamboo mat out side the cylinder.
4. Paste the fabric inside the cylinderic surface.
5. Make a border using fabric both on top edge and bottom edge.
6. Cut card board to make a lid as shown in Fig. 02.

7. Cut a card board and make a bigger circle and paste it on top of the lid as shown in Fig. 03.
8. Paste the fabric inside the lid and fabric outside as shown in Fig. 01.