Coat Hanger – 1 Process

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Making of Folding Hanger-I

Material Required

1. Solid bamboo 1.2 cm approx diametre, preferably semi dried. It could be bamboo branches.
2. Stainless steel rod 3 mm for hook making.

Tools/Machines Required
1. General workshop tools as shown in the introduction.

Making Process

1. Cut the solid bamboo to 3 pieces of 50 cm for the components and another 3 pieces of 5 cm for the connection as shown in the Fig. 02 and Fig.3.

2. Bend the bamboo as shown in the Fig. 02.
3. Clean the surface after bending.
4. Sand the surfaces of the components by using sand paper for the finish.
5. Assemble the components as shown in the Fig.04.

6. Finish with melamine coating on the surface of the hanger by using brush or spray.
7. Fix the metal hook on top of the hanger as shown in the Fig. 04.