Clock Process



Making of Clock

Material Required

1. Thin bamboo slivers
2. MDF 6 mm sheet
3. Bamboo stick
4. Wooden block
5. Clock movement with hands

Tools/Machines Required

1. General workshop tools.
Making Process

1. Cut the MDF for the middle portion of the dial 30 mm circle.
2. Make circular ring of 90 mm diametre and 15 mm width from MDF sheet.
3. Coil the thin bamboo sliver around the small circle up to the inner diameter of the bigger ring.
4. Stick the ring around the coil.
5. Prepare the base stand on a wood block and two bamboo stick as shown in Fig. 02 andĀ Fig. 03.

6. Fix the dial to the stand and fix the clock movement behind the dial and fix the hand in the middle as shown in the Fig. 04.